Disneyland Paris

Take a VIP tour through the sights 
and sounds of Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland Paris

Embark on an amazing discovery with a guide who will share the secrets behind what makes the Disney® Parks so magical. On your journey, you'll learn about what inspired Walt, why he chose certain themes and how his vision continues to be brought to life today.

VIP Tour (max of 10 participants) with a private guide, with exclusive assistance (such as a restaurant booking) and direct access to attractions within both Disney parks.

Mastercard cardholders will be offered an additional consecutive hour when purchasing the VIP package. Pricing & availability should be checked at the time of booking.

Further tour information is available here.


Till April 30, 2024.

Offer availability

Prepaid, Maestro and all Debit or Credit card types: Standard, Gold, Platinum, World, World Black Edition, World Elite & Business.

Where to redeem the offer

At Disneyland® Paris.

How to redeem the offer

Book at City Hall (Disneyland® Park), or Studio Services (Walt Disney Studios® Park) and pay with your Mastercard card.