Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

My Mastercard

It is neither necessary nor possible. We provide all the benefits connected with your Mastercard for free and without registration (except possible registration on merchant’s websites).

This is unfortunately not possible, and it is not needed either. You don’t make any payments on the website and you don’t register here.

Cash back benefits for paying at selected merchants was part of the Mastercard Priceless Specials loyalty program terminated in 2020. At Mastercard, we are currently working on a new solution which will soon bring you all the benefits – including the possibility to get cash back for card payments at merchants – directly in your mobile app or in your bank’s Internet banking.

Mastercard loyalty programs

It is unfortunately no longer possible to log in to your Priceless Special account. The Mastercard Priceless Specials loyalty program was terminated as of 15 December 2020, with all accounts and related data being safely and irrecoverably deleted.

We recommend shredding the card – you can no longer use it as both programs have been terminated. All you need to use all the benefits is your Mastercard Business or Premium. You will find all the benefits of your Business card here, and those of your Premium card here.