Mastercard Asistent

Mastercard Asistent

Exclusive Mastercard Asistent 
assistance service

Use the 24/7 Mastercard Asistent 
assistance and advice

Would you like to order flowers? Could you use a personal trainer? Do you need a repairman with good references?

You can have all that and much more thanks to our Mastercard Asistent assistance service. A professional team of assistants is available 24/7, 365 days a year at +421 268 623 288 or at

Domestic assistance

Do you have an urgent technical issue at home or at your cottage? We can get you a repairman or technician with good references.

  • technical emergency services (electrician, roofer, gas fitter, heating fitter, etc.)
  • related services (moving companies, joiner, architect, cleaning services, etc.)
  • information services (consumer electronics repairs, information about authorized repairers, etc.)

Home delivery

Do you want to please your partner and arrange for the delivery of flowers with a bottle of champagne and other gifts? You don’t have enough time to go shopping or make dinner? We will organize the delivery of day-to-day necessities and other goods right to your door:

  • food and ready-made meals
  • pharmacy
  • alcohol
  • flowers and gifts

Personal assistance

Could you use a personal trainer? Do you need advice on where to watch your favourite film or series? Do you go to farmer’s market? We will help you make the most of your free time.

  • Online shopping: for everyday necessities or for special occasions, such as Christmas or birthday. We will help you pick the best e‑shop and if you are not quite sure how to place an order, we will do it on your behalf.
  • Local merchants: recommendations and tips on what’s available around you – e.g. farmer’s market, sporting goods store, etc.
  • Entertainment: tips for you and your family on how to have some digital fun at home, e.g. where to watch your favourite film online, how to subscribe to a streaming platform, etc.
  • Hobbies: we will support you in discovering and developing new skills and hobbies; for instance, we will recommend a personal stylist, sports coach, cooking, painting or photography classes, wine or whiskey tasting

Mastercard Asistent is available 
at +421 268 623 288 or 

The assistance service is provided by Quintessentially (UK) Limited.
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