Mobile payments

Pay by mobile phone. Fast, 
simply, safely.

Pay by mobile phone

Paying in shops, applications, via the Internet or even making withdrawals from ATMs has never been easier. Add your Mastercard® payment card to Apple Pay (iOS) or Google Pay (Android) and start enjoying the benefits of mobile payment.

Easy setup

Your device is set up in just a few simple steps and ready to use for payment, or even for making contactless ATM withdrawals.

High level of security

Your payment card number is not stored in the mobile phone nor can the business see it at checkout. Instead, it uses a unique digital card number.

Payment that's fast and simple

Whether online or at a terminal in a shop or restaurant, you do not need to write anything out or confirm. Payment is made immediately.

Practical use

In the store you no longer need to search for your wallet, just have your mobile phone handy. And you have all your cards with payment summaries kept in one place.

Mastercard Apple pay
Mastercard Apple pay

Apple Pay. Contactless. Carefree.

You just need your Mastercard payment card* to be enabled for contactless payment.

* check with your bank for Apple Pay service availability

Mastercard Google pay
Mastercard Google pay

Google Pay. A better payment method from Google.

You just need your Mastercard payment card* with contactless payment function activated.

* check with your bank for Google Pay service availability